Welcome to the NFT-to-USD Beta!

Learn more about NFT-to-USD (formerly called Property-to-USD) and how it works

NFT-to-USD Terms & Conditions

All participants in the NFT-to-USD Beta Program must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Agreement to the terms affirms that the player understands that this program is in Beta. This means that service is susceptible to interruption and certain mechanics and restrictions are subject to change.
  2. Players can sell up to 20 properties at a time with a $10,000 maximum on individual transactions.
  3. Players will be unable to purchase properties worth more than $100 until their account has been active for at least 14 days.
  4. Properties are unable to be sold via Property-to-USD for a fixed period following the acquisition of the property (through either minting or secondary marketplace purchase.) See below for restrictions by Upland Status.
    1. Uplander: 30 Days
    2. Pro: 14 Days
    3. Director: 7 Days
    4. Executive & Chief Executive: 3 Days
  5. Players from the following countries will be unable to withdraw funds via PayPal
    1. Restricted Countries: Iran, Ukraine, Greece & Lebanon

How does NFT-to-USD Work?